Pre-Order Guide

Our products are all handmade & produced in small batches. Because of this, they tend to sell out very quickly!

Here's a quick tip on when to know if what you're intending to purchase is on hand or for pre-order:

  • On-Hand: Does not have the label "pre-order," this means that it's available on hand and can be shipped either on the same day or within 1-3 days 

  • Pre-Order: Has the label "pre-order," which can be found either beside the product name (for bags) or size (for shoes), this means it will only be shipped on the ETA stated in the description box
    • ETA: Usually 2-3 weeks after placing your order
    • You will also see the number of stocks left i.e. "Stock: only 1 left in stock." This indicates the number of stocks left for pre-order as the items are already in production. This does not mean that it's available on hand. 

  • Here's a sample screenshot of what you would typically see when you're about to add an item to cart